The History of Lowry Family Vol.3










 The Foundation Source for the Turquoise Museum


My father, Joe Lowry married my mom Katy Zachary and into the Zachary turquoise family in 1964. His first jobs were sanding and polishing turquoise cabochons. In 1972, he began wholesaling turquoise jewelry and other Indian crafts to National Parks and Museum gift shops in the United States. In 1977, he began educational seminars about turquoise and Indian jewelry that became famous and were the foundation source for the Turquoise Museum. His first Japanese client was the Ryowa Corporation of Los Angeles, California in 1977. This clothing and gift corporation marketed to Japanese tourists in Los Angeles as well as a little exporting to Japan. They purchased thousands of Indian jewelry items set with high grade Kingman turquoise. As a little boy, I remember traveling with my father to Los Angeles on a sales trip. Ryowa Corporations buyer “Charlie” took us to lunch. My bowl of soup was huge with only 5 small pieces of meat floating around. I was so disappointed in my lunch. My dad took me to McDonalds for a snack.