The History of Lowry Family Vol.2



King of turquoiseザックの名前で友人達に知られたジェシー・コーデル・ザッカリー・ジュニアは、9歳でターコイズの裁断を始めた。彼の優しい人柄とあたたかいもてなしの心、そしてターコイズにかける情熱によって、彼は多くの偉大な友人と最大級のターコイズコレクションを手に入れた。







The King of Turquoise

TheFirstZacharyLapidaryShopJesse Cordell Zachary, Jr. who was known to his friends as “Zack” starting cutting turquoise when he was nine years old. His hospitality and gentle personality along with his passion for turquoise led him to collect many great friends and the largest collection of turquoise. His collection represents over 150 turquoise mines from around the world. The iconic “George Washington” is at the center of his collection and is known as the namesake of turquoise. The Turquoise Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA houses Zack’s collection. You can read about Zack in many newspaper and magazine articles as well as several books.